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The EfEU Association:

EfEU – the Association for the Development of Feminist Educational and Teaching Models – is a unique organisation within Austria and German-speaking Europe, which focuses on gender, diversity and education and was founded in 1986.

The association’s goal is to raise awareness of sexism in schools, academic and social education and society with the aim of changing existing gender power relationships.

We can be contacted from Monday to Friday from 10 am until 4 pm. Please let us know in advance if you wish to pay us a visit. Our office is accessible to wheelchair users and those with restricted mobility.

Untere Weissgerberstrasse 41
A-1030 Vienna
t: +43 (0)1 966 28 24

Areas of Interest & Research:

Gender and Diversity-Aware Education  

analyses teaching content, methodology/didactics and patterns of interaction on the one hand and structural conditions on the other. Its aim is to make free personality development and equal and successful learning possible for everyone involved in the educational process without restrictions being placed upon them by their individual social characteristics, such as gender, etc.


Gender Mainstreaming  

is a gender policy strategy with the aim of promoting gender democracy. GM does not focus primarily on individuals but instead relates predominantly to structures. As an organisational development process, GM requires gender competence at all levels within an organisation and places clear responsibility upon the management level.

Gender and Diversity Management 

is aimed at ensuring awareness of social diversity and using it to further the development of organisations and society. In addition to gender, ethnic or cultural affiliation, physical or mental skills, religion, age and sexual orientation, to name but a few, are also aspects of diversity that have relevance for educational processes and institutions. The conscious recognition of social differences and the conscious utilisation of heterogeneity promote equality of opportunity and the creative skills of all.

Subject Areas:

  • Gender specific socialisation
  • Gender-aware education and critical analysis of coeducation
  • Gender and diversity-aware didactics (in university and school)
  • Work with girls and boys in the school, pre-school and extracurricular environments 
  • Violence and its prevention
  • Gender-aware occupational orientation
  • Gender and diversity-aware adult education
  • Gender and diversity-aware development within schools and organisations
  • Gender mainstreaming processes in education
  • Diversity management


  • Continuing education and training
  • Gender and diversity training courses
  • Advice
  • Research and evaluation
  • Gender survey reports
  • Development and organisation of symposia
  • School development and consultancy
  • Arranging access to gender and diversity-competent advisors (on subjects such as working with boys, the prevention of violence and self defence)
  • Publication of the EfEU newsletter
  • Publicity work
  • Library
  • Publications (downloads available from:

Our services are aimed at individuals working in the fields of academic and social education (nurseries, schools, extracurricular work with children and young people), parents, those responsible for further and continuing training and education for adults, organisational development managers (especially school development officers) and gender mainstreaming and diversity managers.

In the context of school-based in-service training for teachers (known in Austria as SCHILF) we can also be requested to provide on-site training in schools.

Becoming an EfEU Sponsor:

For 25€ per year you can become an EfEU sponsor and help to support the association’s work. You will also receive the quarterly EfEU newsletter (in German) in return. Donations are very welcome!

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